June the season of winter has begun but the Aussie music scene is still bringing the heat. This month we are seeing Nicole Millar return back onto a Jaen set, along with Sydney’s Kota Banks, as well as some QLD talent MashdNKutcher and a new local start Austen with her debut visuals. 

This month offers a good variety and showing of some secret hot spots around the Gold Coast and Brisbane seen like never before. 

We started the month with Kota banks, flying into Burleigh for a Fifa themed video for her track Fiorentina. First, we headed to a little Italy in the heart of the gold coast for some European textures, the colors here work great for the vibe. As the sun goes down we head to Surfers Paradise soccer club to use there pitch as a backdrop for one of the main scenes in the clip, even picking a few players to feature across the clip. Our final set up for the night was an interior studio set up where we had made a lounge room set up with a projector playing in the background that had the video game FIFA on it, a great touch to the song that quotes exactly that.


MNK was in town for a brief moment, we had been speaking with them through email an phone calls to bring there new visual story to life. The piece would involve younger versions of themselves busking chasing the dream of one day playing to a live audience. 

With a small cast and crew of a little over 5 members, we packed our things and heading to Brisbane city where we would begin filming the clip. We had found a great back ally location that would fit perfect for our busking scene. The guys of MNK had reached out through there socials and had managed to get a variety of extras to fill in our crowd. 


Once we had picked of our story pieces we headed to a nightclub venue where we would film the final piece of the puzzle the boys now all grown up fulfilling there dreams of playing live on stage to a crowd. Another successful shoot down but not even halfway through the month. 

The next few days we had to begin assembling these edits as well as our pre-production on another two clips to be shot this month Nicole Millar - Issues and Austen - Too High to cry.

Austen shoot was next we shot this at a friends apartment in Burleigh where we had rearranged some of the furniture and reused at set dressing to get the right look. From here we shot at the local bar Night Jar and in around Broadbeach to make use of the alleyways and fairy lights for extra city scenes.

It's coming to the end of the month we have been looking forward to being on set with Nicole along with our creative family Miranda Emblem, Troy Freyee and Ainsly.  This shoot was all about embracing your insecurities whatever they may be. We filmed some great lit shots in at the Gold Coast Studio in Burleigh as well as wandering the streets of Byron with a variety of different people showing of our individualities.



Watch the recap below!






Written by,
Jon Baxter