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The Month of may was another fast paced one with plenty of local travel and new visuals from Sydney hitters Anfa Rose, TravyP, I.E. and Ayhuncho. Along with some corporate shoots taking us up and down the east coast of Australia this month was surely one to remember.

We began our month with the opening of the Brand new 5star W hotel in Brisbane where we spent the week filming the countdown to the ribbon cutting. Once that kicked off we began the east coast tour with a giant golden pineapple spreading the W vibes to everyone. Starting in Brisbane makings its way through Burleigh to Byron and all the way down to Melbourne before chucking a U-turn and finishing of on the beaches of Bondi.
Filming at each location put together a highlight reel of the journey to capture our great country. 

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While on the road we had been organizing 3 other shoots with our Sydney artist, a pick up shoot to finish off MISTAKES a track with Travy P and I.E. along with a 2 new shoots with Anfa Rose and Ayhucno to take place on the Gold Coast.

After shooting for a couple of days last month for Mistakes we weren't quite satisfied with it, it was missing a few final touches luckily the boys had some time to get to the coast and film a few extra scenes to finish our shooting block for this, one poker performance scene and one final story piece scene at a massive house we scored on Hedges Av. This is still on the editing table but go have a listen to the song it bangs “Mistakes”.



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Over Half way through the month now we have plenty of footage in our bags and Jordan our editor at Jáen his table is getting quite full. He is banging out video to keep up with our demand as we continue to shoot more and more. The next one on the list is with Anfa, a 2 day shoot at a studio and an early morning down in Murwillumbah to get the magic morning light and empty streets. The song has been released produced by Sydney legend Dopam!ne be sure to give it a listen its titled “Talented”

In the Final weeks of May we host Ayhuncho and others to a epic 2 day shoot where we have a story narrative piece to put together.  Inspired by movies like the godfather this was  a great way to showcase all of our film making and story telling skills.

We had our good friend Jellan of Clash Studios and Alan Woodman come DOP this clip while Nick had other  commitments with the band Didiri in Melbourne.
The shoot was a grueling two days, with many elements being captured from morning to night.

The music scene continues to grow and thrive here in Australia we consider ourselves humbled and lucky to be partnered with a variety of artist who come to us to help bring there visual pieces to life. 


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See a quick recap of May Moments in the video below.








Written by,
Jon Baxter