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Jáen’s momentum hasn't stopped heading into the month of March with a bit on. We have a variety of shoots including a studio campaign with Dickies, some pickup shots for Affends and a mix of music videos taking us back to Sydney and Melbourne for separate clips with Example, Fluir, Didiri and Manu Crook$ and a sporting app hanging with a rising UFC champion.

First weekend and the Jáen boys (Nick & Jon) are in Sydney to film with Example for an exciting project to come out in the coming months. We had been brainstorming a concept for the past week and are about to get it started, but when we touch down in Sydney and head to our location, (a dope abandoned warehouse we had previously scouted on a trip before) When we rock up we see we are locked out with 20 minutes until the talent arrives... We start thinking of our backup plan and go for a wandering in the streets nearby. 


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We find a unique paved brick alley that has some overgrown pastures that gives it this aged character look and it really suits the vibe. Example turns up and we smash out the scene with some time to spare so we head to the pub for a few sneaky wrap beers as per eushhhhh.... and what a humble bloke he was to meet and chat over a few cold frothies. We had listened to his music years before and are exciting for his new projects being released later in the year.
We spent the night in Sydney and flew home the next day. Now in our 2nd week of March, just a day back at home prepping our gear and continuing on with the edits before Nick heads off to Melbourne with our 2nd cam operator and fellow creative/mate Allen Woodman. The pair are off to shoot a live vid with Didirri on a studio set as well as a music clip with Fluir featuring the talented model/dancer Indie Rose. Things keep moving back at Jáen HQ with some location scouting for Manu Crook$ clip being shot the following week and some weekend prep leading into the local DROP music festival, cleaning the house & stocking the fridge... the essentials.


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The boys fly back both shoots successful and we begin sinking beers and enjoy the weekend off. Monday comes by pretty quick with the Affends pick up shoot but it's not to bad when we are catching up with our good friend Ainsley from Sticks & Stones Agency and filming with Beth Hurrell for the afternoon around Burleigh another pinch yourself moment but this is Jáen.

Rolling into the 3rd week of March we have 3 big shoots coming up Dickies with Freyee photography, a Zekiel Music vid, and Manu Crooks ft Anfa clip. Amongst all this, we have our talented hair & makeup artist and close friend Miranda Emblem in the crew this week. Vibes are high! With all of this going
on and people coming and going from our house the edits are still getting done on the fly & being pumped out by Jordan Muller/JP/Mulzooo our gun
editor, its a true film week, Jáen style!


Our shoots with Dickies are always a blast their crew is a group of 3 creative dudes making moves in men and woman’s street style fashion. They had booked out the local Gold Coast Studio which is a dream place to shoot and the vibe you get from the set up is unreal. Everything from lights to change rooms, music and cold drinks that really look after you. We spend the day filming indoors and get some killer shots.

Heading home to dump and watch the footage then going over the plan fort omorrows shoot with Zekiel being shot in Murwillumbah northern NSW, one
of our favorite places to shoot. The next day Manu and Anfa arrive at the Gold Coast and head to Arkive vintage Surfers Paradise to pick out there wardrobe.
Back to Zekiel’s clip that features Aaliyah a model flown in from Sydney. We follow her as she dances her way through the forest with a variety of colored smoke. 

We spend a full day filming and wrap as the sun falls to head home and repeat it all again the next day with Manu & Anfa. We have an early start, a 6 am Call time for our feature talent and we will be filming long into the night on this one. Our feature female lead is Jelena Markovic make up by Miranda Emblem and she will be dressed in some pieces from the latest Isabelle Quinn collection.



This clip is inspired by Michael Jacksons video “You Rock My World”  with styling and story going hand and hand, its a battle for the beauty who will win.

We start the day out in a Mullumbimby pub and then the arvo is spent at the Roosevelt lounge bar in at Broadbeach. Both locations running smooth and coming through with good in-house lighting. The day runs like clockwork we have a some of the best steaks in a while before with finish of with our story elements in the laneways of Broadbeach that night.



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We had a few other creatives join us on set to pick of some BTS on this one we had Alfred from Brisbane come down for the day as well as Tom was in from Sydney as well on a separate project but stopped in to take some snaps of the crew. We finally wrapped around 10 pm

After a busy week filming its now time to get stuck into the edits and spend some solid time in the den to pump these videos out. At Jáen the grind never stops we have a creative machine working around the clock from brainstorming the ideas, to planning how to execute our ideas then we go and film the ideas and what we come away with we return to the office and put all the pieces together to make you a brand new Jáen vid.


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But the month isn't over yet, we have one more trip to Sydney to link with Tyson Pedro a professional MMA fighter int he UFC. He has had 8 fights 7 wins and 1 loss, he stands at 6ft 3 and weighs just over 90kg he packs punch when he throws em and he is quickly making a name for himself in his light heavyweight devision.

We are following Tyson around as he lives his life as a calculated risk from stepping into the octagon or stepping out on his motorbike and even cliff jumping for a swim, he is a real adrenalin junkie and lives his life to the fullest. Was all time to meet and film with for the day, we had a lot of fun mucking around filming this piece listening to gangster beats and we ended having a few wrap beers and a feed that hit the spot, just what we needed. Another quick trip we flew home the next day in time for the Easter break, well break from filming the edits continue, remember we don’t stop...


See this month wrapped up in a nice little mash-up below....Jáenjáenjáen, ENJOY!


See the clip below and watch it all come together.


This month features -

Written by,
Jon Baxter