End of Feb and we are off to Sydney, a bit on the cards we have 2 clips to shoot in the next 5 days.
One for BWISE and another for Ayhuncho ft Manu crook$ and Anfa Rose. Both shoots are big on
production and overlapping on shooting times we are about to get busy. When we land and get
picked up by our homie I.e. who takes us to the studio for catch up with the crew and talk about
the next few days. 


We go for a quick location reckie at the arcade Electric circus around the corner when we get back
we hear of pick up shoot for Manu track "Different League" and of course we are in. We tag along to
the set ran by our buddy Jullian Machuca who is filming the pick ups. They have a white G wagon
sorted and a talented model to drive. Our first night in Sydney got late quick seeing we still need
to go chat with Wise more about his clip ready for our 7 AM start..... 


All is good tho and we roll into our first day of shooting with Bwise for
his song The Key.The first day was singles only with Wise to get a feel
for the location, when we wrapped at 12 PM we have some lunch and
reset ready for the first location for an afternoon shoot with Ayhuncho,
We are shooting on a 7 star yacht  on the Sydney harbor both the bridge
and opera house in plain sight, Not to mention the 15 models we had on
board for the clip, was safe to say Jaen was in for a good afternoon on
the water.




We spent an hour on the water before heading back to the Studio to
watch the footage and  slap something together. We were stoked
with what we came away with. Another late night at the studio before
we roll into our day 2 with BWise.


On day 2 we are filming coverage with organized extras as well as a
choreographed dance piece for the clip. Day 2 is a big success getting
some great coverage as well as some slow mo confetti shots. The clean
up was fun but made easy with everyone chipping in to get it done. 




Then the wrap drinks begin, from here we suss out our picture
cars for Ayhunchos clip and take them for some afternoon shots.
The cars fit right at home with us.  We call it early after sunset to
get ready for our final day of filming at the house party. 


The Final day consisted of Jet skis beers and babes! After fueling up
on a decent breaky we headed to the backyard to whip the jet skis for
a bit, as the sun falls we head inside and set up our lights ready for
tonight's party.




When the music begins everyone knows about it! the speakers set up are loud enough to host a splendor set and for a house party there's nothing you would want more but for a neighbor nothing you hate more... 


After celebrating for the clip as well as Ayhunchos 21st birthday our party was quickly cut short and came to an end. We were given one hour to get our final shots and had to leave the location. The next day we flew home in a hungover state however, we came away with two crazy clips and would be back in Sydney sooner than later to do it all over again bigger and better. See the clip to see it all come together 




See the clip below and watch it all come together.



Written by,
Jon Baxter