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October ‘18

October coming down to the business end of our year. With some big things on the table we have been working hard in the background getting ready for a big roll out in 2019.

This month Nick has moved to Sydney living with our producer Alex Reid and its been a great seas change. First shoot is was with the artist 6lack performing a live show and a meet and greet with people around Bondi Sydney.

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This has been the second time we have met this artist on his last tour down under. This was not our only live show of the month we shot with Sydney based artist GRACE as we count down the days before we all head over to Bali for our first trip as a Jáen crew. As we get ready to fly out to Bali a last minute shoot pops up with the affords crew who are filming a new documentary style series in the hemp fields, and share the many befits of the plant.

It has been a successful month finished off with a tropical getaway to Bali where we take our camera but no shoots have been planed. Its good to get away every now and then to refresh the mind and come back with a new burst of energy going into the final months of the year.



This month holds a variety of different shoots which really shows our diversity and range of clients we have found over the years. Filming lifestyle videos, live shows, music videos and movie promotions our Jáen crew continues to grow and overcome any shoot thrown our way. 

Early in the month Nick ventured down to the climates of Tasmania to shoot a lifestyle video with a B&B resort Mistere. He explored the beach and country side and it didn’t disappoint.

Once again we had been called back by our good friend Manu Crook$ to come along and capture his live show in Sydney. Its always a great vibe catching up with our Sydney fam before and after the show. Our only music video this month was with the Brisbane based artist Ezra James, with a feel good RnB vibe shot in an overgrown natural park.

He turned up with style and vibe for his track Tell Me. Shot by our newest member of our team Alan Woodman. We ended the month of with Alan and Nick filming for the latest action thriller film OVERLORD. See our recap of the month of November below.



Winding down the year that was. It was another year of first for us. First international clip, first time being nominated for a music clip award. First time working with new artists and brands. It’s crazy to see how far we have come when we look back on our progress across the year. December is a time for holidays but not just yet for us at Jáen we have a busy schedule this month from moving houses and shooting last minute clips the hustle never stops.

After Nick made the big move to Sydney with our producer Alex Reid, Jon and Jordan have been making the move into our creative warehouse space in the heart of Burleigh. What this place offers for us is a creative space we can share with the public for other creatives alike from photographers, to videographers into musicians and any style or artist really that has a creative mind at work.  For a week end getaway Jon and DGA member Ken Twohy Head out to Uluru in central Australia for a creative writing trip on a project Jon has kept close to his heart, JD HUNTER. A feature script with Australian roots and highlights the country we live in today. The two went and saw the
local wonders of Uluru and the Kata Tjuta rocks. It was a trip felt
spiritually and well worth it after such a busy year of filming and creating.


Mid month we shoot a 8 video series with a local law firm for some edgy videos to be sent across many social platforms. We had cast a local ledge Luke Erwin to lead two of the comedy driven clips. Keep an eye out for this series a new take on a Jáen video.  Our final video to take out the year was another corporate video with a twist teaming up with the crew from Youfoodz for some summer healthy living style vids. These videos always intrigue us to keep the engaging and a bit unique to what is normal pushed aa a commercial style video. That wraps up our 2018 tho, finish the year with a ever growing editing pile and big plans for 2019 to continue to grow a creative community right here on the Gold Coast, Bring on 2019 #jáenjáenjáen

Written by,
Jon Baxter