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Going into the month of August we have had a busy run and lots of travel. After a quick trip to Sydney, we are back to have the first week of this month to catch up on all our editing with Jordan.

It's always nice to have a week break from travel as well to see our hometown friends and family. On a drive we stumbled across some great props for a feature we have been working on for the past few years, and these are going to be key assets to the story. 

A few other things in the works, We shot a mates new store/warehouse being built opening in a few months, it shows off a chopper workshop and a high-end creative space. We also scouted a film studio through Nicky Swamp for one of our side projects we are getting the ground plenty of exciting content to come very soon.

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Leading into the weekend we had one of our shooters Alan Woodman come up with a passion project he wanted to shoot down in Murwillumbah with Shanti Griffon and Jamaal Stevens which filled out weekend. It follows the pair as they cruise through the small town up to no good. The Weather was nice and Mur-bah turned again it on, as usual, one of our favorite spots to shoot.

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Mid-August we shoot our first music video on the Goldy for Sydney based artist Clypso for her song POP & ROLL, It has a neon-lit dream state vibe that takes you on a journey through colours and lights. When shot right we can make the Gold Coast look like anywhere, in this case, a Miami poolside hotel and then a back street of a town in little Italy. Clypso was a bubble artist to work with who had lots of energy and the ability to turn it on when the camera was rolling a real natural entertainer.

Our next stop after this shoot was a live show with Manu Crook$ teaming up with Redbull Events to put on a show for his hometown Sydney fans. Sharing the stage with a Variety of other artists on the red bull roster like Spacely, Bwise and more you could feel the energy from a mile away. 

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After a night out we were back to business for a shoot with Bwise and Anfa Rose, for a gritty tale that has the pair being interrogated by detectives and there escapes to freedom. Shot in a warehouse in Sydney and a wasteland style outback in the western Sydney area all for their song THE CODE.

Yet another weekend in Sydney comes to an end packed with the show, the music video shoot and the celebration of TravyP’s birthday we make it home for a quick stop over and change of clothes before we close out the month in Melbourne for the artist MLBRN. 

We wanted to stick to his roots for the song and show a gradual movement from the suburbs to the big city life. In this track we show of abandoned warehouses to street allies with his regular first car then finishing in the big city. MLBRN is a great artist and all round nice guy who showed us a few hot spots he had previously scouted and made us feel welcome in the city of Melbourne. See the video below for the recap of this months new Jáen visuals.

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Watch the recap below!



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Written by,
Jon Baxter